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How To Save On Your Insurance

We know you all have probably asked yourselves this… “How do I save money on my insurance?”


Well we are here to answer that age-old question, as there are a lot of different ways you can save on your insurance!


Here are a few of them!

1. Price to Bundling both your home and auto insurance with the same company. This provides multi lines discounts and can often make a difference.


2. Having two or more vehicles on the same policy will get you a multi vehicle discount.


3. Ensuring you have completed your driver's training as it can lead to significant saving especially with younger drivers.


4. Inform us if you have a child who is away for their schooling as it could lead to a discount.


5. If you are a retired resident of Ontario you’ll be eligible for a retiree discount.


6. Having winter tires on your vehicle from November to April.

7. If you're married or in a common law relationship you will receive a discount on your auto insurance.


8. Finally, keeping a clean driving record! You will have a clean driving record if you haven’t ever had any claims or convictions. Or if your record isn’t clean, your convictions will be off your record in 3 years and claims will be off in 6 years from the date they occurred!


You can ensure our brokers will work hard for you to find the policy that properly covers you!

If you’re looking for Home, Auto or Business Insurance feel free to call our office at 519-863-2014!

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